31 May 2022

TV & Film Journal | 3.06.22

I'll be making the most of an alfresco, extra-long bank holiday as the Monday straight after, Everything I Know About Love and Love Island will be well and truly taking over our lives for an indefinitely long summer glued to the box. Every year I try not to get too embroiled in the always-on nature of that relentless show but FOMLI is real and if nothing else, it is spectacularly unifying in it's success in bringing colleagues together to discuss the latest gossip the morning after on Teams chat. In the meantime, while we still have our social lives, there are five new things I am very excited to watch this week...

 Men in cinemas 

One of the films I've most been looking forward to this year, Men is finally out this week. I recently re-watched Annihilation in anticipation of seeing his next film and was reminded of all the incredible things that Alex Garland has written and/or directed that I loved: Never Let Me Go, Ex Machina, The Beach, Devs... and Men is the latest, starring Jessie Buckley and Rory Kinnear who tell the story of a woman who goes away on a working-holiday following the death of her ex-husband, only to find that all the men she encounters have the same face. The trailer is really quite freaky and I have no doubt that the film will be even more so. 

Trailer: Watch here 

The Flight Attendant S2 on NOW 

The unexpectedly brilliant first season of The Flight Attendant was literally the perfect cocktail of suspense and comedy with Kaley Cuocu as Cassie, chaotically solving crimes while dressed in a stunning collection of outerwear. This time round, Cassie is side-hustling as a CIA agent and approaching a year of sobriety in LA. I feel like sequels to shows like this one are tough to follow without the novelty or allure of the original series, but I've seen reviews that say it succeeds in giving it a good go and keeps it fresh with new characters - like Mae Martin!

Trailer: Watch here 

The Midwich Cuckoos on NOW 

I don't know what it is about children that makes them ultra sinister just by frowning, but they can seriously give you the creeps without much effort, and something like The Midwich Cuckoos is a perfect example. Based on a sci-fi novel from the 1950's, this adaptation is set in a small English village that is subdued by an alien presence for a day, only for the villagers to find the following day that numerous women of a child-bearing age have become pregnant. Starring Keeley Hawes and Max Beesley, this looks right up my straza - if a bit on the spooky side. 

Trailer: Watch here 

Pistol on Disney+

The new Disney+ show based on the memoir of Steve Jones, the bassist player of the Sex Pistols who helped to usher in a punk revolution, landed on Tuesday. I'm definitely going to watch this as I know next to nothing about this part of music history and by the trailer, it is a costume and make-up extravaganza laden with recognisable young actors playing big names. I was also fascinated to learn last week that Talulah Riley (who is playing Vivienne Westwood in this, and was the main character from the original St Trinians), now twice-divorced from Elon Musk, is dating Thomas Brodie-Sangster, the drummer boy from Love Actually, having met on the set of Pistol. Niche celeb trivia! 

Trailer: Watch here

Physical on AppleTV+

Admittedly I didn't actually finish the first series so I have some catching up to do before getting round to this but I remember thinking it was such an original and interesting premise, with Rose Byrne being the perfect casting as an 80's housewife in San Diego who discovers (very retro) exercise while she is battling her demons. 

Trailer: Watch here


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