20 May 2022

TV & Film Journal | 20.05.22

Short but sweet recommendations this week as I've been away having some screen-free (ish) and sun-soaked days in Spain, generating a way too long list of things to catch up on now I'm back, starting with some of these...

The Worst Person in the World on MUBI

I think I recommended this back when it first came out in the cinema, but now it's even more accessible to watch being on MUBI from this Friday, I haaaave to recommend again as it's one of my favourite films of the year. Set in twelve chapters, the film follows Julie navigating the challenges of an almost-thirty-something, from her career to her romantic relationships. It will make you laugh out loud, your jaw drop and by the end, be so moved by it's relatability and trueness to reality which is quite a feat for a swanky film, it's hard not to come out of the other side without saying you feel 'seen'. Also, the mushroom scene is highly enjoyable. Watch this and don't look back! 

Trailer: Watch here

Tokyo Vice on Starzplay 

Not something that'd usually catch my eye, but reading an article on it's merits and seeing a number of positive reviews, I'm going to give it a go (when I finally sign up to Starzplay!). Described as a noir-ish thriller loosely based on the American journalist Jake Adelstein who was reporting from within Tokyo's criminal beat in the 90's, the story follows his origin story of how he got to this point and how his ballsy ambition leads him straight into conflict along the way. 

Sidenote: I watched episode two of Station Eleven on the flight back from Spain (also on Starzplay) and wow, it's incredible and worth getting the free trial to rattle through! 

Trailer: Watch here

Now & Then on AppleTV+

Following a similar premise to I Know What You Did Last Summer, Now & Then is a bilingual riff on the thought-you-got-away-with-it genre, this time set 20 years after the fateful incident. It all kicks off in 2000 when one guy in a group of college friends who are out in Miami celebrating their graduation accidentally dies (?). Now in 2020, thinking they've gotten away with it, the group are reluctantly reunited in a blackmail text they all receive. Multi-layered and twist-y thrillers are a piece of me and I'm looking forward to having something suspenseful to get into!

Trailer: Watch here 

Life and Beth on Disney+

Written by and starring Amy Schumer, along with Michael Cera playing a socially-awkward farmer, this new semi-autobiographical comedy drama that follows the ongoing dilemmas of a late thirty something, again like The Worst Person in the World, covering the dissatisfactions and indentiy-crisis-enducing realities of her work life, love life and family life, so decides to take an excursion to Long Island and reevaluate her situation. The kind of thing I'd put on for background watching, will definitely give it a go as recent Disney+ shows have been so good and in them we trust!

Trailer: Watch here

Night Sky on Amazon Prime

New to Prime, elderly couple Irene and Franklin's big secret is that they have a hidden chamber in their back garden that leads to an observation deck looking out over a foreign planet. It's a dream set up until the arrival of a man (or alien) threatens to upend the enjoyment they've had up until now. Looks kinda fun! Might be awful? Everyone collectively (at least in the trailer comments on YouTube) loves the two lead actors so surely worth a watch.

Trailer: Watch here


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