14 Jul 2023

Acro Suites, Crete | May 2023

After booking some flights to Crete for some much-needed early Summer sun, I umm-ed and ahh-ed over hotels for months before finally settling on Acro Suites, for very obvious reasons and it's considerably more affordable rooms at the beginning of the season. It was a meteorological-risk going on the April/May borderline, and it didn't quite pay off with more cloudy days than sunny ones; the staff recommended October as the best time to go for optimum weather, prices and busyness. But honestly, visiting this boutique hotel at any time of year would be (spoiler) nothing short of magical. 

We stayed in the Gaia Suite (Infinity Pool) for one night, and Cave Suite for two, which did stretch the budget but spending the rest of the week in the sister hotel (Seaside Hotel - an all-inclusive resort) balanced things out. Given the time of year, we also got complimentary half board, which made it so worthwhile as the food was one of the best bits about Acro. The freshest Greek salad, moussaka and orange cake is an example of one of the set menu's we had, and the breakfast buffet was another level; everything delicious you could want and more, while still maintaining the boutique feel. The room service and bar menu was also a highlight. 

Being lucky enough to stay in two of the rooms while we were there, surprisingly we preferred the Gaia Suite to the Cave Suite. The design of the outdoor area is really unique in the Cave Suite,   and is quite breathtaking when you first see it, but the room size was slightly narrower and the pool mostly covered from the sun (also salt water!). The infinity pool in the Gaia Suite however is positioned so you literally peer over into the ocean, which really is so magical and the room perfectly structured with an incredible shower at the back. 

Another thing that sets Acro Suites apart from other places is the incredibly attentive service from the staff who couldn't do enough to be accommodating. The attention to detail is palpable from the minute you arrive, and coming into the room with a complimentary Greek rosé on ice and a plate of the most delectable baclava set the tone that never faltered. There's a beautiful but relatively small main pool by the bar which I didn't see one guest use given that every room has it's own private pool, but there was a busier, relaxed atmosphere in the evenings in the bar with live music and cocktails flowing. And also - the sunsets were mic-drop level of incredible.

📷 All photos taken by myself. 


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