27 Jan 2017

Morning Habits

Whether it takes a rather large caffeine hit to take you from semi-conscious zombie to functioning human in the morning, or perhaps this transition happens naturally if you're one of those hard-wired early-birds, we all have our fixes to make this time of day a little easier to endure. I'm somewhere in between and lately, getting up has become more of a chore as a result of dark, bleak mornings through this winter-y season (literally everything is easier in the summer..). On top of that, starting a new job in London this month, involving a lengthy commute, seems that now is better than ever to implement some good habits into my routine to make that morning-slump a little more bearable, and dare I say it, productive. 

Ditch the tech
It can't just be me that wakes up and instantly reaches for their phone, to then lie for a considerable amount of time scrolling through pictures, checking emails and generally putting off the moment I finally rouse from the sheets for no particular reason. Especially unnecessary if your journey to work involves sitting on a train or the tube where time is much better spent (not advised when driving..!), you could save yourself more shut-eye or time to prepare a better breakfast. Investing in a clock or digital radio (yes, they still exist in this era) might prevent having to check your phone for the time in the AM and thus absolve the temptation to start scrollin'.

Set the mood
 It's a well-known notion that the mood you get up in is the one you'll have tied to you for the rest of the day. Getting up on the right side of the bed isn't as easy as it sounds, but positive thinking can go a long way. Setting your alarm ten minutes earlier than usual will allow you to wake up slower and effectively avoid that abrupt awakening, making you feel as if you've had some sort of lie-in. Another mood-booster, getting up in the morning is a hell of a lot easier if you have something to look forward to. Whether it's the last chapters of a book to read on the train or a state-of-the-art breakfast waiting downstairs that you prepped the night before, take your first minutes of the day to think of the good stuff you've got to come. Practicing gratitude is equally as effective in setting the tone for your day.


Eat well
Another thing that's easier said rather than in practice, finding time for breakfast when you don't even have the energy to brush your hair (thus falling back on the top-knot situation) can be difficult and inevitably lead to the mid-morning slump if overlooked. The notion that it's the most important meal of the day is drilled into us, and for good reason I suppose, and we need as much energy as we can get in the early hours. Dishing out an avo and egg masterpiece during the week is a little far-fetched, but a to-go smoothie, granola and yoghurt or eggs boiled the night before are easy wonders. It can also help prevent that 11am chocolate craving..


Look after your skin
Taking those extra couple of minutes in the morning to cleanse, tone and moisturise is invaluable, and you'll reap the benefits for the rest of the day. We've all been there; waking up in last night's make up and instantly regretting it is one of those inescapable things that we have to forgive ourselves for, but making sure you look after your skin for the rest of the week can make up for these indiscretions. I've been using the Slip Clay cleanser, Bodyshop toner and Dr Hauschka day cream in the mornings, and adding in the Ren Evercalm serum and Origins eye cream before bed. Not only does it improve your skin, it also does wonders in waking you up (especially if cold water is involved).

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