4 Feb 2017

Dress-Down Heritage

Whether you like it or you don't, the androgynous trend that follows from runway to doorway year-in, year-out is probably one you're already invested in somewhere in the depths of your wardrobe. Thinking understated, muted tones and fashionably oversized pieces (not to mention classically British with the air of just-returned-from-the-countryside about it), the most basic of JW long-sleeve tees could be classed in this category and it is undeniably easy to wear. Amidst a world of the technologically-advanced, out-there fashion and anything-goes notion, there's something refreshing in reverting to the basics. 

Not one to rock the tweed, this shirt is about as far as I'd go with the trend, and it makes that transition from Winter to Spring (jumper's too hot, t-shirts too cold..) a little less perplexing, sartorially. As the days become more mild, I'm edging away from the woolen polo-necks at the risk of overheating under a coat and scarf, but equally fearing the bare-all, goosebump-inducing short sleeve tops and dresses if the temperature dips and you're indoors. A slightly more relaxed, un-done alternative to the rigid tweed blazer (and avoiding the itchy fabric), paired with jeans you can't really go wrong. The camel, brown and beige palette of the trend is the probable explanation to it's longevity in my wardrobe, and having been a devotee of the beige trench coat for as long as I can remember, I don't think that's going to change anytime soon. Now just to find that estate in the English countryside to match..

Shirt | Mango (now in the sale)
Jeans | Topshop
Fang Necklace | Missoma
Horn Necklace | H&M 
Ring | Similar here
Bag | Similar here


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  1. That shirt is lovely! Just going to check and see if it's sold out :( love the outfit xx


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