16 Jan 2017

Easing the January Blues

As previously thought, the well-intention-ed New Years resolutions that occupied my thoughts before the beginning of January and had so much promise, have inevitably proven to be short-lived, given it's mid-January and I'm writing this having just eaten an entire pizza and holding a glass of wine (it's Monday evening so I can hardly blame the mid-week blues). Being well aware of the benefits that all those clichéd resolutions actually bring both the mind and the body, why is it so difficult to implement them into every day life, especially when they're shoved in our face morning, noon and night by articles, television ads and all those celebrities hoping to launch back into the realm of popular culture through a five-minute long fitness DVD that's bound to sit on my bookshelf all-year long..?  


Having to battle the (notoriously) most depressing month of the year alongside a diet and fitness overhaul isn't exactly easy living; getting home in the pitch-black and settling down to a carb-free, green-laden plate is enough to send anyone over the edge of January despair. From here, spiralling into a haze of no return because you've quit now so you may as well carry on is very easily done. From my experience, the hardest part is day one. Breaking the wall of badly cemented habits is the first step in changing, and even with the best intentions, you've got to commit on this day to ease the pain that follows, and I think that's where I went wrong this time round.When eating better and exercising more than once a week, I reap the benefits both mentally and physically, and once I start I always think, why haven't I been doing this all along. It just sometimes takes a little longer to get started..

Being broke and wading through January sans alcohol (well, trying) can be outweighed with the new beginnings that the new year brings; I've never wanted to move forward with my career, or had the vivacity to do so, more than now, and likewise with a lot of other aspects of my life. We all have weaknesses and I think they're usually the things that are keeping us sane (and make us human), but it's balance that we should truly strive for; such a simple notion yet sometimes impossibly unobtainable. Only half a month down; that's eleven and a half left to make a good go of 2017, and I intend to atleast try. 

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