15 Jan 2017

Doughnut French Toast

Firstly, I have to admit that I didn't cook this enticing brunch; it was created by my talented friend Amber (have a look at her food blog The Greedy Student here) on Saturday morning, whilst we were nursing a slightly sore head and lulling around, trying to draw out the first lie in of the week for as long as possible. Doughnuts immediately take me back to when I was younger, eating them hot and covered in sugar out of a paper bag on the pier by the seaside. They, perhaps surprisingly, translate into a satisfactory brunch food pretty well when combined with french toast and berries; they're more than enough to satisfy a sugar addict for most of the day. An effective way of kick-starting your weekend, these are hard to beat in the realm of breakfast food. After these pictures were taken, a lot of maple syrup was added (as if they weren't naughty enough...). 

You can find the recipe for Doughnut French Toast here.



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  1. These look so delicious!


    Emma xx


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