9 Sept 2017

How To Make Your Tan Last Longer

So, you spend seven days basking in the sun, surviving sweat, lightly-tinged sunburn and naturally following up by applying SPF  as if it was going out of fashion, to then have the colour rapidly fade before your eyes as soon as you touchdown back home is somewhat disheartening. Yes, we know that UV rays are not exactly good for our skin , but I know very few people who don't relish in that post-holiday glow and lap up the 'you've caught the sun' comments once they're back on home turf. As with every other concern related to our skin, the evolving world of beauty has stepped in, and I'm a firm believer in the time you give to your skin after a holiday will pay you back tenfold in how long you're able to maintain it. 


One of the first things I want to lay my hands on after a flight from warmer climes is a heavy-duty moisturiser that's going to prolong the colour of my skin and do it's very best to moisturise it. Gone are the days of putting up with reptile-like textures over your body as a result of sun exposure, there are a lot of products out there now to suit this very need, and probably provide your skin with a tonne of extras, too. Institut Esthederm's Tan Prolonging Body Lotion*, as you'd expect, does exactly that, and after this year's generous dose of vitamin D, it's working wonders in keeping my skin radiant. It's designed to replace your usual moisturiser after your skin has been exposed to the sun for long periods of time, like after a holiday or a particularly hot day at home (rare, but still), restoring the level of hydration needed in your skin to keep it moisturised, and thus keeping that tan going.


If you're going away this Autumn (escaping shorter days, colder temperatures and the crowds of people that go en-vacances in the summer holidays), something like this is one for the suitcase, and when you're back home, too, to keep that colour glowing long beyond the airport. If you're unsure which SPF to buy this year, my edit has got a suncream for every destination. Skin is sorted, so now to manage the luggage allowance...

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