31 Jul 2017

Sun Creams That Do More Than Protect

We know that skincare has upped it's metaphorical game in terms of what it can actually do for your skin in the recent years. Double-duty is a trend in itself, and more and more products are on the market that don't just do one thing, they give you numerous benefits in one application, thus reducing the amount of things you're putting on your skin day-to-day (which can only be a good thing). So, it's natural that sun creams, make-up and body care has followed suit. We're not just looking for UVA protection anymore, it's the other benefits that really turns our heads, differentiating from the others. Anti-ageing, cell protection and tan enhancing technology are just some of the buzzwords you'll see gracing the bottles of our suncare right now. And not to forget, these aren't just for your summer getaway, SPF should be well-ingrained in your morning routine (yes, we do get some sun in the UK occasionally). So, with everyone doing it, which one do you go for? 


Pushing the power of the plant, Susanne Kaufmann's Cell Protection SPF 25  is a game changer in terms of sun care ingredients. Including the likes of tomato extract, brocoli seed oil (!), echium and jojoba oil, the formula is packed with active, skin-loving ingredients that have the effect of anti-oxidants. So it sounds amazing, but what does all this really do? Protects against free-radical damage, repairs damaged skin cells and intensely nourishes your skin on application, to name a few. If you get into this SPF, the After Sun Gel counterpart (see here) is similarly as nourishing and all I want to apply after being in the sun for hours on end (definitely keep it in the fridge to instantly soothe). 


Good for: a city break
Small enough to take in your handbag, or strong enough to last you a day of exploring, there's a lot more to this little tube than just a sun cream. Packed with effective, high performance active ingredients (vitamin E, camellia oil, shea and mango butter, just to name a few), it's not just going to protect your skin, it's formulated to promote anti-ageing, nourish skin and strengthen's the skin's natural barrier, as well as the obvious. Yes, it's expensive, but it's essentially a multitude of products in one and won't leave you looking like a ghost for the forseeable future (the suncreams that still give you a white cast on your skin take me right back to being seven and smothered in it). Bonus points, it's suitable for those with really sensitive skin, or very fair (prone to sun damage).


Good for: a tan
Optimised cell protection is something I never knew I needed until I started using higher-end sunscreens. It applies like silk, absorbs instantly and has a sheen (a slight shimmer) that actually amps up skin that's been dried out from the sun but does not make you look like a disco-ball (I promise). To me, it's got that sun cream-but-nicer scent that immediately puts you in holiday-mode, and has the texture of a body moisturiser, rather than a typically-thick and clogging sun lotion. The patented ingredient (Adaptasun) is formulated to stimulate the production of melanin, thus accelerating the pace at which your skin browns. It also makes it last longer, too. This range doesn't go by SPF rating, but instead you choose what you need from your skin type and the kind of sun you're going to be in; e.g. for European sun, you'd want moderate to strong. Pretty clever if you ask me and this is probably the first holiday I've been on where I haven't burnt on day one, and I think this is why. 


Good for: a budget
Piz Buin Allergy Sun Sensitive Skin Lotion SPF 50+
Piz Buin suncreams contains the patented Feverfew extract, an anti-oxidant ingredient that has been proven to be even more effective than other active ingredients including sage, green tea and Vitamin E at anti-oxidant boosting activity within the skin. Working to relieve redness, repair skin cells that have been damaged by UV rays and strengthen the skin's natural resilience to the sun (researched by Johnson and Johnson, the brand's parent company), it does more than protect against UVA and UVB rays. The Allergy range is ideal for those with sensitive skin, containing Calmanelle also, which is an anti-irritant that's been proven to strengthen the skin's resilience to the sun. Being a fraction of the price of the premium brand's offerings, this is a good one to pick up at the airport if suncream slips your mind when it comes to packing madly the night before... 

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What sun protection do you recommend?

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