3 Aug 2017

Hydration Three Ways


Whether you travel light (let's face it, money is better spent in Zara than on hold-luggage), or take on the low-maintenance beauty mantra whilst you're away, there's all the more reason to cherry-pick the hardest workers when it comes to hydration, meaning that you're spending more time by the pool, rather than in front of the mirror, en vacances. It's difficult to know what takes the hardest hit when it comes to hot temperatures; our skin being dehydrated by the humidity or hair, in a likewise condition (think Monica on holiday and you've got me in foreign countries, but blonde), so covering all basis', you really only need a couple or so double duty heroes to get you through. Hydration is the season's buzzword in beauty, year after year, so how do you know what's going to work the hardest? 

Always the first thing to start showing signs of deterioration is skin. Whether it's an early start to catch a flight (this is always me, and I always regret it), or a prolonged duration in a moisture-lacking flight cabin, this translated onto your complexion is less than desirable. Quick fix? Flash Hydro-Boost is an emulsion charged with water, packed with active ingredients to visibly plump skin. 

Letting your skincare work through the night seems like the solution to (temporarily) letting the beauty routine become a little lax while you're on holiday; because lounging by the pool takes priority over just about anything. Decleor's White Petal Mask is formulated to refine, hydrate and essentially give you that dewy glow (skincare cliche, yes, but what else are you meant to call it..). 

So you're skin is back to it's usual radiance, but what happens to your hair when it's being dried up day-in day-out by the sun, chlorine and whatever else. Things to go are usually the texture, colour and shine, so a serum that can boost all three at once is something that's worthy of a place in your hand luggage. Davines' MINU Hair Serum does just that, enhancing where you want it but it's so lightweight in texture that you can barely feel it.


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