6 Mar 2017

Shoes of the Season | Knotted Mules Two Ways

The ankle-bearing seasons are quickly approaching; now we're in March (officially the beginning of Spring) and the weather is becoming noticeably milder, it's about time to release the grasp on our chunky boots, thick socks and anything remotely fleeced in exchange for attire adhering to the changing season. As the UK, in particular, tends to be a country of unpredictable and frankly quite annoying weather, we tend to dress for the worst whilst hoping for the best, and at least speaking for myself, tend to opt for the warmest option at any given opportunity just incase. Alas, this cycle can't go on forever and in a ode to starting to feel as though we're coming to the end of the colder months, my wardrobe is effectively adapting and first thing up is footwear. Mules are a shoe I've been on board with from the get-go; escaping the misery of uncomfortable heels and time-consuming straps, and instead being low maintenance and effortlessly stylish,  mules are speaking my sartorial language, and will be for the foreseeable future if they continue to look this good.

Topshop's latest offering comes in the form of a knotted, fabric-based, nautical pair that resembles the lusted-after designs of No21; at a fraction of the price. This pair will come into their own on those days where nothing seems to look right aside from black, head-to-toe, and inevitably you find yourself looking boring... a statement shoe instantly becomes your new best friend.  

Fabric Knot Mules | Topshop

Trawling through the aisles of Primark all becomes worth it when you come across a pair of mules, this stylish yet under a tenner. Knotted, pointed and ever-so-flat (idyllic for those of us who cannot walk in heels no matter how hard we try), a go-to pair for the everyday. Slipping these flats on with a pair of jeans is an effortless way to pin down the trend. 

Black Knotted Flat Mules | Primark (similar here


More mules I'm coveting..

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  1. Ohh my, I also have 2 pairs of mules shoes from Topshop. I really like them, they are comfortable, affordable and stylish.


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