9 Mar 2017

Scandi Print Trend | Moodboard

 I've been right through the spectrum of decorating over the last decade, from old-style wallpapering that couldn't shake off that out-dated look to stark walls that left the room feeling cold, no matter the season. Being a, typically, indecisive libra that decides, infact, red was not the right colour for her bedroom after all, as soon as she puts the paintbrush down, re-decorating is a never-ending cycle of not getting it quite right. I can't be the only one with this fickle tendency when it comes to decor, and I'm hoping (*praying for my sanity's sake) that it's something that I eventually grow out of (!). There's no pattern in existence that I'd be able to live with on the walls for a prolonged period of time without growing tired of it, so framed prints in the muchly-coveted scandi-style, changeable in their essence, is a trend that I can get on board with. Forever trying to perfect that balance within a room, especially a bedroom, that is simplistically stylish but has an essence of personality and warmth to it, look no further than the following.. and as you would with any project, I'm doing my research good and thorough. 

It's not just the prints on the wall that I'm interested in; there's something about leaving prints propped up against the wall that has an artist's studio vibe; an un-done approach to a room that is effortlessly stylish - and in a word, goals. Until I get full creative liscence on a place of my own (owning rather than renting, when even the trivial use obluetack can be held against you..) this way is much more appealing. I'd have to do this, however, with tact, as my room is on the small side at the moment and with the concern of tripping over said prints before my eyes have adjusted in the morning is something to be aware of (hence, place carefully!) as no one enjoys a stubbed toe at 6am. Not only placement, but choice of design(s) is also a feat in itself. The only way I'm finding I can effectively narrow the reams of choices down is to look towards ones that truly reflect my interests, instincts and initial attractions. The source of my scrolling is, of course, the visual dynamite that is Desenio. With so many prints to lust after, how an indecisive being can make a decision on there is beyond me - check out their Inspiration page to soften your choices just that little bit. I'm also looking at getting some of my own photographs blown up (photographically, not literally) both for their sentimental value and, more importantly, to save the pennies.. intern's budget is truly kicking in! Snapfish and Photobox are great for this. 

Watch this space for the final outcome! 

All photos taken from Pinterest. 

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