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17 Dec 2016

Luxury Beauty Christmas Wishlist

Luxury Christmas Wishlist

If you're anything like me this festive season, you thought you had a lot more time than you actually do to get all those need-to-be-bought-and-quick presents wrapped and ready to go, leaving these last days a slight struggle. The relentless emails from our most-loved brands shoving their last order dates down our throats is enough to get anyone slightly stressed about the situation, and I'm no exception. I've already posted a gift-guide here, but after a few days panic-scrolling through the internet, I've come across a lot more dreamy gifts, ideal for the beauty-concious and lovers of luxury..

7 Dec 2016

Gullfoss and Geysir | Iceland's Golden Circle

On the penultimate day of our trip, we embarked upon a tour of the eminent Golden Circle, including a much-anticipated glacier escapade. We were picked up from our hotel in the morning after an amazing breakfast at the Hilton and ventured towards the southern uplands. For once, the skies were clear and we watched a beautiful sunrise out the window over the expanse of rural landscape that encompass the capital. Even the views en route to the tourist hot-spots are postcard-worthy so make sure you bring a camera. 

Gulfoss Waterfall

The first stop-off (it varies depending on your tour) was the Gulfoss (Golden Falls); Iceland's most famous waterfall and for good reason. You're met by the sound of the water thundering as you approach the falls, and as you stand closer to the edge, the spray from the water hits your face. As a result, the breeze can be absolutely freezing (a lot of the grass had turned to icicles; hat/scarves/gloves are essential), but it is beautiful and a must-see for the natural spectacle alone. The surrounding land is relatively flat and the mountainous horizon (not something you can get away from in Reykjavik) makes it a beautiful area to visit whatever way you turn. Even better, if you can get up early enough, catching the waterfall at sunrise would be especially memorable. 


4 Dec 2016

The Blue Lagoon

After a cancelled internal flight due to weather conditions, a change of circumstances meant that we spent the best part of Friday afternoon in one of the twenty-five wonders of the world; the Blue Lagoon. We weren't initially going to be able to fit in a trip to the lagoon as it was fully-booked all week and we only had half-days here and there to spare, but luckily our travel company organised a visit for us. Under an hours drive from the centre of Reykjavik, in the middle of nowhere a steaming centre of relaxation awaits and it did not disappoint. The lagoon is also only about twenty minutes from KEF international airport so a lot of tours combine it with your airport transfer; there's a place to keep your luggage and it's an amazing way to spend your last few hours on the island of natural wonders.


1 Dec 2016

Staying in Reykjavik

Reykjavik has always been somewhere I've wanted to go, having never been to Scandanavia or any countries surrounding, the quirky city has long intrigued me and so the flights were finally booked to experience the place in November. Winter felt like the ideal time to travel, being the most likely time of the year to catch a glimpse of the northern lights and known for being the time the arctic island comes into it's own with snow-capped mountains and frosted landscapes (albeit the sub-zero temperatures are off-putting to many). With a suitcase full of layers, we set off for Heathrow last week and landed about half past three as the sun was beginning to set.


18 Nov 2016

Christmas Gift Guide

You know it's that time of year when you can't flick through the radio stations without hearing a rendition of an out-dated festive tune blared at you, or enter a shop without having to struggle through the crowds, getting the fear of that ever-growing queue at the till. Christmas really is nigh and it won't be long before the present-panic sets in a week before the twenty-fifth and everything you want is conveniently out of stock. I'm trying to do most of my Christmas shopping relatively early this year and mostly online to avoid the inevitable shopping-centre mayhem that has begun already. I've compiled a few ideas to get thinking of potential gifts for family/loved ones, but mostly just to lust over everything in the shops right now (funny that shops start to up their game at Christmas, isn't it..). And after all, tis also the season to start thinking about all those unnecessary things you couldn't justify for yourself throughout the year, and start hinting to those around you for things you don't want, but need..

The Luxury
Giving one of these as gifts would have to be for someone pretty special, all being the creme de la creme of gifting and not things you'd receive or buy any old day of the week. It's especially satisfying buying someone a present that they wouldn't usually buy for themselves which all of these fall into the category of, being luxuries rather than essentials (and mostly sleep related..).
Christmas Gift Guide - Indulgence


15 Nov 2016

Gucci-esque Loafers and Fishnet Socks

The sartorial ethos in the classic chick-flick In Her Shoes has always resonated with me: you might grow out of clothes but shoes will always fit; shoes will never make you feel bad. Footwear has become more of a weakness opposed to a practicality as I've got older and that has never been more true than now, especially as ankle-boots are beginning to line the shelves of every high-street shop. Not one to manage heels with elegance, flats of all kind are my go-to from day to evening (on a special occasion I'll begrudgingly make an exception), especially during winter when icy/frosty surfaces are not on my side. Undoubtedly influenced by the Gucci designs that have hit the fashion-conscious head-on (they have really nailed it with their leather footwear this season), the current shoes from catwalk to high-street have taken a leaf out of the headway designer brands book and produced some to die for footwear making my online-shopping habit increasingly worse each day. Luckily, the high-street options are making my lack of designer that bit less painful. 


11 Nov 2016

Dressing-Table Decor

Whether your thing is jewellery, first-editions or souvenirs from travels. the dressing-table homes all those possessions you treasure and are pretty enough to be on display for all to see. It's probably the only part of my bedroom that is permanently well-kept, even when the rest of the room looks like a jumble sale, and mine has recently taken a turn on the gold side along with being overwhelmed by pillar candles now Christmas is on the horizon (there's nothing better than a half-melted candle to make things look antique-y and lived in, especially if it smells amazing).  


9 Nov 2016

Iceland Inspiration

The countdown is on; two weeks today and I'll be heading to Heathrow for a four-night stay in Iceland, staying in both Reykjavik and Akureyri for a couple of nights each. Iceland is somewhere I've wanted to go for a long time so needless to say I am looking forward to the trip.. A land of natural wonders (northern lights, geysers, waterfalls, the list goes on..), it's unlike anywhere I've ever seen before as sun-seeking is typically my go-to getaway anytime of year, but there's something about Iceland that is just as enticing, albiet in a slightly different way. Going away this time of year seems alien to me (my passport is usually lost in the depths of the draws by now) but it is coming at a very welcome time with the whole daylight saving and non-existent evenings taking full force. A change is as good as a rest as they say! 

Suprisingly (or perhaps not), the temperature is quite similar to the UK, meaning thick jumper weather all-day and thermals all-night so it won't be too much of a drastic change of climate but being outside most of the day (which I imagine we will be) isn't something I'm particularly used to in the winter months. Mixing practicality and fashion has never been a strength but layers is my manta this time round and I'm taking as many socks as can physically fit. I'm not usually very good at packing for all weather scenarios but I've finally learnt my lesson in that there is nothing worse than being cold so precautions are being taken. Doing the typical pre-holiday Trip Advisor scoure and itinerary-building has inevitably led to hours spent Pinterest-scrolling finding photographs which I'll spend the next few weeks day-dreaming about..


2 Nov 2016

Notes on Sleep

Since leaving home and going to university, sleeping has become more of a battle and less of a given; often erratic and occasionally non-existent until about 5am. A variety of factors has contributed to this and it comes in waves; sleeping is undoubtedly habitual for me. The main circumstances that hinder sleep are staying at somewhere other than my house, or the night before something out of routine (travelling the next day, an interview, an irregularly early start..). Combine this with late-nights over the weekend and you have a prominent lack of zzz's that can seriously affect morale. I think this is probably quite common and I'm far from an insomniac, but sleepless nights are becoming more of a regularity than I care for so naturally, I've started to develop remedies the next day, aside from the obvious (coffee, water and sugar in abundance)..


24 Oct 2016

Madeleine Shaw Book Signing x Origins

Kick-starting the weekend surrounded by skincare products, green smoothies and general lifestyle advice first-hand from an expert is not something you come across often (but probably should be a weekly occurrence). Tied in with the launch of her new book Ready, Steady Glow, Madeleine Shaw's new role as Origin's 'Glow Girl' saw her host an event on Saturday morning in the new Cambridge Origins store including a booking signing, wellness advice and skincare tips. For those of us who struggle with good habits day-to-day whether it be skincare, food or exercise-related, some great tips were shared and provided much-needed inspiration. The new store (complete with a marble and gold sink fit to bathe a Roman goddess) is charming and found on one of Cambridge's prettiest streets, Rose Crescent. Here are some of the photos I took during the event..

20 Oct 2016

Seasonal Skincare

One of the first things I notice as the cold sets in is the effect it has on my skin. When the cold air hits with a vengeance, chapped lips, dehydrated skin and dullness prevails come Autumn/Winter and the only way to curb it is cranking the beauty routine up a notch. Far from the back-to-basics approach in the warmer months, this time is a different ball game and demands attention from all angles. With the goal of staying fresh-faced all year long, these are the things I am relying on to see me through till Spring..


15 Oct 2016

What I Got For My Birthday | 2016

Recently turning twenty-three, no longer can I be comforted by Taylor Swift's 22 to lift the spirits of the reality that I'm no longer a carefree teen and adulthood is nigh. I feel like each year, gifts become perhaps more scarce but importantly more meaningful and this year definitely proved that notion (after years of my mum telling me that less is more, I think I finally get it now). This year, everything I received was absolutely beautiful and so me. Some of these were things I picked up using the vouchers I received from the likes of Topshop, Boots etc. (always a winning gift); mostly things I've been coveting for a while now..


6 Oct 2016


All my wardrobe hues have turned autumnal, and leopard print especially is something I want in abundance this season. Pleated skirts teamed with over-sized sweatshirts is a look I am more than ready to buy into, paired with an ankle boot, loafer or converse and some fishnet socks. In regards to beauty, YSL new launches have got me lusting after brick-red lipsticks and smoky eyes, whilst Maison Margiela Replica bottles are all I want on my dressing table right now.  These are my most coveted items this month..



29 Sep 2016

Five Places I'd Revisit

It's easy to get fixated on pacing through that travel bucket list to try and conquer as many countries on that scratch-away wall map as you can, while you can. When there's so much of the world to see, it often seems backwards in returning to a place you've been before when there are so many new and exciting destinations at your fingertips. But, there's a reason why places linger in your mind; whether it's the food, atmosphere or memories that draw you back, it's something to take note of. Occasionally a place will stay with me and initiate that 'I'd go back in a heartbeat' response whenever it's mentioned or memory evoked. For me, looking back through holiday photos is a sure-fire way of identifying the places that mean the most, sparking that motivation to get back on SkyScanner and get flight-booking. These are a few destinations I'm keen to see more of..

Pamukkale | Turkey


27 Sep 2016


As last week marked the beginning of Autumn, what better reason to start thinking about new wardrobe/dressing table additions than a change of season as inspiration..

Currently coveting #1

25 Sep 2016

Backless Mules

Aside from the occasional sandal, mules have been the only style of shoe that I've been reaching for over the last few months. I'm all for a shoe that is not demanding in fastening or overly high in height (anyone who knows me well knows that balancing in high heels is not my strong point), so the effortless mule that slides on your foot no bother is right up my street. They have been on my radar all season and it seems like they're here to stay for the foreseeable future, but this time with an autumnal edge. 


17 Sep 2016

Autumn Wardrobe | High Street Edit

Autumn means waving goodbye to the denim cut offs and camis that saw us through the sunnier seasons and finally pulling out last years knitwear from the depths of the wardrobe. Once you're over the remorse, autumn is a time to relish before the cold truly sets in come winter and woolly tights and thermals become a necessity. This transition becomes all the more appealing when the clothes and accessories on offer are as good as they are right now. These are my favourite pieces from the high-street to help you dress accordingly with the changing seasons.

Mini Flare Fray Jeans | Zara £19.99


13 Sep 2016

High Contrast

An ode to sportswear, the contrast trend is transcending through the seasons. Extremely minimalist in design yet effortlessly chic, this look is appearing in every style. Topshop's offering this year came in the form of basic vests, tees and swimsuits. Teamed with a pair of culottes, contrast tees, bodysuit or sweatshirt instantly inject a dose of sports luxe and simplistic cool with no need for accessories. The ease of a contrast tee is more than enough reason for me to want to invest with very little time in the mornings to compose myself.

This one-piece came into play during a trip to Lake Garda doubled up as a body in very, very hot temperatures. It sold out extremely fast and has had it's heyday now summer is basically over (sigh) but there are more autumnally-orientated replicas hitting the shelves on the high street that sing the same tune.. 


11 Sep 2016

Chains to Chokers | Necklace Edit

From 90s-esque chokers to delicate multi-strands, necklaces are having a bit of a moment and even the prettiest of designs are surprisingly affordable. No outfit is complete without at least one, and that is more than fine by me. My jewellery box can get slightly neglected at times as I'm guilty of wearing the same things day-in day-out, but there's so many beautiful chains, bands and pendants at my fingertips at the moment I couldn't resist integrating a couple of new buys into my everyday collection..

Elena Circle Loop Skinny Plunge Necklace | Boohoo £5 
Paired with a V-neck silk cami, this necklace at only a fiver looks ten times the price in my opinion. It is a barely-there, lariat-style, delicate loose choker and it looks dreamy with just about anything. I only tend to wear gold jewellery but Boohoo also have this necklace in silver and it looks just as pretty. 

Double Strand Pendant Necklace | H and M £4.99
I've been looking for a necklace for a long time that dupes the exquisite designs that Missoma have to offer (If I had the money, I would buy ALL their jewellery). This double-strand gold chain necklace from H and M is the best I've found and I love how delicate it is. If you're not feeling the chunkier pendant (it doesn't go with the style of all necklines) then you can tuck it in and wear the smaller one solo. This is definitely my favourite necklace of the moment. H&M also do a wishbone pendant in this design here

Gold Three Strand Choker | Topshop - In Store £10 (similar here)
This is slightly out of my comfort-zone and not something I'd really wear in the day time (although, I'm sure many could pull this off), but I was drawn to the delicate lariat design of the chain teamed with the edgy choker band (90s throwback that I'm totally on board with). The lace effect of the choker material really softens the design and I've not seen one like this anywhere else. My only qualm with Topshop jewellery is that the gold does noooot last whatsoever so I better get wearing this asap. You can find this choker in store in most Topshops. 

Fine Chain Chokers | Accessorize £8
This pair of chokers are so delicate, look great layered with other chains or solo, and are amazing value.. I really love the thin chain in particular. The adjustable fastening means you can wear it as a choker or slightly looser at the base of your neck.

Best of the rest:
These designs are on my wishlist for the next upcoming months..

R-L: Mango £17.99; H+M £3.99; ALDO £15


4 Sep 2016

August Beauty Favourites

As a self-confessed hoarder of all things beauty, there isn't a month that goes by without a few new product purchases to try out and inevitably become addicted to. August was no different and thanks to a Space NK voucher, most of the purchases were slightly more indulgent than they should have been..

Diptyque Smoothing Body Polish Travel Edition | Space NK £20
Diptyque is one of my most coveted brands and to me just epitomises luxury and indulgence in the candle world. Since their skincare launched this year I have been longing to try something from the range but with no birthdays or Christmas in sight, a travel-size was all my budget could handle. Firstly, the packaging alone is seriously pretty and not a box I will be throwing away anytime soon. Exfoliating skin products are one of my favourites to buy as I know they are going to make such a difference to the texture and finish of my skin. As expected, it is nourishing yet effective in smoothing the skin's surface and smells like something straight out of a spa.

OUAI Wave Spray | Space NK £22
If it's good enough for the Kardashian's, it's gotta be worth a go, right?! Hair stylist to the stars, Jen Atkin, created the luxury OUAI  brand with classic and effective tags firmly attached to the range. The Wave Spray is one of Ouai's bestsellers and promises to answer all my beachy-looking hair goals. I thought it would be more like a serum (which can leave my hair oilier than before washing) but the formula is weightless and non-greasy. It really helps to create un-done, separated waves and I find myself reaching for it all the time (it may look full but I've used it 5+ times so I'm thinking one bottle will last a whileeee). I'm sold on the brand. 

This Works In Transit No Traces | Space NK £17
I've had these for ages and I'm finally down to the last few. I've loved using This Works products for years (the Sleep Spray in particular) and these are no exception. The In Transit range is aimed at skincare for long-haul journeys but I find this pot a little too big to travel with (the travel-size version would be more suitable) so I tend to use them at home when my skin needs that extra step of TLC. Rosewater and mint infused; they smell and feel so refreshing. I also highly rate the In Transit Camera Close Up moisturiser for thirsty skin. 

Diptyque Roses Scented Candle | Space NK £20 - £42
My first candle from Diptyque and probably favourite candle that I own, I am almost at the end of this pretty little pot (I didn't burn it for ages in fear of it coming to an end, sigh). The scent is gentle, lingering and if you like the smell of rose then you will undoubtedly be a fan (a given).  I think these are the perfect present and I can't recommend them enough if you want to treat yourself on a grey day. (Not a beauty product as such but how could I not include it..)

Omorovicza Rejuvinating Night Cream | Space NK £110 
A quick disclaimer - I don't own this in full size and I don't know if I could ever justify spending over a hundred pounds on a night cream.. Nevertheless, the sample I have of this product is making it hard for me not to want this. The formula is so buttery and hydrating, so soothing to put on before you go to bed and feels so luxurious. Uh, why are you so expensive.

Lanolips All-Over Everywhere Multi-Cream | Feel Unique £10.99
A new brand that keeps cropping up on my radar when scouring the shops, the Lanolips range is extremely cute and hard to resist. Their multi-purpose cream is a hydrating potion for every skin qualm under the sun; you can use it on your face, body, hands, baby.. I do find it a little too thick to use on my face but it is so nourishing and a miracle-worker for dry skin. Very good value and a hand-bag essential.

What did you try in August?



31 Aug 2016

New Season MANGO Picks

Mango has really made it's mark on my radar this year and I find myself on their website way more than my bank balance would like. It's new collection is no exception to my admiration and, especially with accessories, they have got this seasons trends bang on. These are some of my favourite items online now. I am especially coveting the patent leather wrap skirt which is undoubtedly going to be a sellout given the price and the gorgeous design..

Mango #newin


Check Pattern Dress | £25.99 £9.99

Fishnet Socks | £4.99

What are your favourite pieces?



25 Aug 2016

The Streets of Verona

Another place on top of the to-do list when in Italy last week was to visit Verona. Just a stones throw from peace and tranquility within the Italian countryside appears one of the countries most famous cities. We flew to and from Verona airport and it's amazing how little time it takes to get there from Lake Garda (just 14 minutes by train). Hallmarked by Shakespeare as a city of love and anguish in the setting of Romeo and Juliet, each year tourists flock to Verona to take in the sights and atmosphere of this beautiful place and I can see why. 

Verona has everything you could want of an Italian city; an amphitheater to wander round, piazza's, Roman ruins and charming cobbled streets. It is a lot more compact compared to cities like Rome and although you may get lost occasionally, it's not long until you get your bearings (although all the beautiful streets look pretty much identical..). We took a train from Peschiera del Garda (which cost just under 4 euros each way) and arrived in Verona's Porto Nuova station. From there, a five minute bus journey gets you into the centre of the city (for 2 euros each way). We stopped just outside the amphitheater which is still very much in use and would be a lovely way to spend an evening in the city. It is currently Opera season (until end of August) and looking at the website makes me wish we'd known this in advance ( 

Piazza delle Erbe is somewhere we stumbled across and happened to be one of Verona's prettiest spots for a re-fuel and people-watching when you are starting to lag from exploring. I definitely succeeded in filling up my camera roll with photo after photo of the beautiful Italian buildings that line the streets of the city and are especially apparent in this square.  

After a much-needed Aperol spritz in the square, we headed for Verona's arguably most famous spot in the city for a dose of culture. The renound Casa di Giulietta (House of Juliet) is unfortunately but expectantly riddled with tourists at most times of the day. and is found right in the centre (a two minute walk from Piazza delle Erbe). A very small courtyard just off the main street houses the ever-famous balcony that so many have romanticized about. If you can get a photo without an awkwardly-posed tourist spoiling the view, you've done well and if you were staying in the city for more than a day, an early trip to this spot would make it a lot more special. Tours inside the house are quite expensive and looked uncomfortably busy; we were more than happy to simply take in the view from the ground like most others were. The courtyard is also famous for it's graffiti-ed walls - and if you've seen Letters to Juliet, visiting this place really brings the film to life and it is pretty amazing that letters are still written and posted here by people from all around the world. 

The restaurants definitely get quieter and more appealing as you head out of Verona's centre and toward the river. Walking along the riverbank at dusk is an especially tranquil way to spend your last hours in the city, not forgetting a customary two-scoop gelato to fill in the gaps after a carb-overload (When in Rome and all that..). Our day in Verona was ended with an unexpected stroll home in a thunderstorm (the weather was very temperamental during our stay and often it was much sunnier back home); rain is definitely one way to clear the streets of a bustling city in the height of summer.

Flights to Verona are relatively cheap all-year round (we found return flights with a budget air-line for under £100 return during the peak of summer from London Stansted). Beautiful sights, culture, history and food, what more could you want.

All ph. taken by myself on iPhone 6s.
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