3 Aug 2015

Photo Diary of Rome

This is pretty overdue seeing as I went to Rome towards the end of June and it is now the beginning of August.. but better late than never. I went with my boyfriend at the end of our third year of University as we'd both never been and it's a place I have always wanted to visit (who doesn't..). June turned out to be a pretty perfect time to go as it wasn't officially summer season so prices weren't sky-high and everywhere wasn't quite as busy as it could be, but we had amazing weather being over 30 degrees and blue skies most of the time. This is a collection of photos from some of my favourite places in the city. 

First things first, pizza obviously..

Visiting the Colosseum was definitely a highlight, it cost us 7.50 euros with a student card for entrance and the queues weren't too grueling, only about 20/30 minutes. 

All photographs are my own.



  1. Lovely photos! Rome is so beautiful. I went in March with my boyfriend, and I still haven't gotten around to sorting through all of our photos! I'll need to get onto that haha! I never even thought of going to the Vatican at night to see it in lights, that's such a good idea! If I ever make it back, it'll be top of my to do list :)

    Dani x
    What Danielle Loves

  2. Aww this post made me miss Rome! I went on a trip with my school back in February and it was so much fun!!


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