30 Jul 2015

Clarins Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster

I didn't quite anticipate that come the end of July and beginning of August this year I would be wrapped in blankets on the sofa drinking hot chocolate. A slight exaggeration but typical of the British summer, it hasnt't quite reached my perhaps unrealistic expectations of sunbathing in the garden on a daily basis. Lack of sun unfortunately means lack of tanned, glowing skin, leading many to turn to the tan-faking products on the high street.

Clarins' revelation, the Golden Glow Booster, is designed to be mixed with your existing moisturiser, day cream or serum of choice to result in a radiant, glowing sheen to your skin. It is odourless so it is not going to clash with the scent already in the skin product, and it is formulated with aloe-vera extract for its softening qualities. It is primarily intended for your face and neck, but I don't see why you can't add some to your moisturiser and use it on your legs and arms before a night out if you fancied.

As you can see, the bottle you get is tiny (15ml) and resembles an eye-drop container, but it makes it really easy to distribute the drops in your moisturiser evenly by pressing the top of the bottle. Also, as you only need a few drops per application it should last a while. You apply it to your face and neck as you would a gradual tan once it is mixed in with your product, I usually use a day cream, and it develops over a short period of time. The colour gives a subtle glow that is really natural looking, and you can darken it by increasing the amount of drops. I love using products like these as I find that the more tanned my skin, the less make-up I need to wear. I also find that even when I am on holiday, my face and neck tans a lot more slowly than the rest of my body - not a great look - so this will be ideal to even things out a bit. 

If you want to give it a try, you can get it from Escentual for £19 (for 15ml), who have a 20% discount on everything until the 18th August using the code ESCENTUAL20. 


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  1. Never tried any Clarins products but I've heard they're of the highest quality! Sounds interesting! X

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