1 Apr 2022

TV & Film Journal | 01.04.22

This week has passed by in a blur of gradually fatiguing hot take conversation off the back of a mighty eventful Oscars. Aside from the drama, there were so many incredible films recognised, and naturally this week's recommendations mentions some of those. As well as indulging in the Oscar highlights, I also watched Boiling Point (recommended last week) on Netflix and couldn't urge you to also watch it more; an intense and immersive drama filmed so impressively in one take. Plus it is very satisfying listening to Stephen Graham say fochk over and over. From gritty spy thrillers to can't-go-wrong reality trash that will literally take over your life, there's a broad spectrum and something-for-everyone of shows that are out this weekend...

 1. The Eyes of Tammy Faye on Disney+ 

Worth watching if just for the unbelievable actor transformation (the hair and make-up team on this have since won many awards for their skills!); this is the film that just got Jessica Chastain Best Actress at the Oscar's last weekend. The Eyes of Tammy Faye follows the true-story rise and fall of "televangelist" Tammy Faye Bakker and her husband, played by Andrew Garfield, as they build a broadcasting empire (and theme park) in the 70's that inevitably comes crashing down. 

Trailer: Watch here

 2. The Ultimatum on Netflix (1 April)

They had me at 'from the makers of Love is Blind'. If you too, were left absolutely riled at the reunion episode of Love is Blind S2 and need another show to fill that void, this could be it. The premise is essentially putting six couples - all of whom are in an ultimatum stage, commit full or split up, spearheaded by one of them who's ready for marriage - in a house with other people to see what life is like if they did the latter. It feels less polished than LiB or MAFS, and reminds me of that staggering show Back With The Ex - which if you haven't seen, you MUST immediately (especially as this doesn't start until April 6!).

Trailer: Watch here

3. Slow Horses on Apple TV

A new, gritty thriller to get into, Slow Horses starts on April 1 and has been coined as an old-school, slow-burn spy thriller done properly. Starring Gary Oldman, Jack Lowden, Olivia Cooke and Kirsten Scott Thomas, the story is based on a novel by Mick Herron; a story that follows the outcasts in the "dumping ground department" of M15, Slough House, who've made career-ending mistakes in the past, and find themselves in the midst of a new case. I'm going to watch the first episode at Everyman this evening and really looking forward to a new series to get into now I'm almost finished The Dropout and Severance

Trailer: Watch here

4. Drive My Car on Mubi

Having just won International Film at both the BAFTAs and Oscars, you can now watch many-award-winning Drive My Car on Mubi (which I think you can get a free trial for) and it's another one that has over 90% score on both Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes. Based on Murakami's short story (in the Men Without Women short story collection), Drive My Car is inspired by a story that follows Yusuke, two years after his wife's death, who receives an offer to direct a play in Hiroshima and meets Misaki, a young woman assigned to be his chauffeur. It's 179 minutes long, so one for a very open afternoon. The reviews are incredible so I'm expecting a big payoff in exchange for the time spent!

Trailer: Watch here

5. Moon Knight on Disney+

Bit of a rogue choice as Marvel spin-off series aren't my usual go-to (with the exception of Wandavision which I was ObSeSed with last year) but this has a darker, edgier vibe and stars Oscar Isaac, so... And, it's only six episodes so it's great for us commitment-phobes. The story follows Marc Spector (who is also Steven Grant), a gift-shop employee at the National Gallery who's vivid visions in his dreams start to blur into his reality, leading him to investigate the mysteries of the Egyptian gods. Okay!

Trailer: Watch here

6. True Things in cinemas 

Ruth Wilson fans unite this month because she really is doing it all; her latest film hits cinemas on Friday and theatre show The Human Voice is also playing at the Harold Pinter theatre right now. She stars in the film alongside Tom Burke (from the BBC series Strike) and is a dark tale of deluded love that follows benefit-claims worker Kate living in a sleepy seaside town who is seduced by ex-con, despite pleas from her family to not dive in head first. 

Trailer: Watch here 


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