2 Apr 2020

Inside My Bedroom | April

What better time to spruce up your interiors than during an indefinite quarantine. Spending so much time in this room which is both a bedroom stroke infrequent office, I didn't want it to be too busy or try out any colours I'd inevitably get sick of, so calming neutrals it was (the walls were originally blue). It's always a work in progress and I am quite fickle-minded when it comes to design, so it is bound to change soon (hence why I've documented which month I'm writing this in).

The first thing I bought for the room was the rattan bed from the La Redoute Waska collection. I'm obsessed with rattan furniture and loved how the headboard wraps around the bed. This is the Walnut version, but there is also a lighter shade called Oak (which is the only one in stock when I last checked). I've had off-white bedding on since I've had this bed but recently switched over to this tobacco coloured waffle duvet set to warm up the room a little. It slightly irks me that the bedside table wood colour is much lighter than the bed frame shade, but these tables were incredibly affordable Ikea gems that have glass tops -- which I like as you can see the piles of books underneath. I'm a bit of a vase hoarder so there's usually a vase either side of the bed which I change around all the time, depending on what flowers I've got. Since it's tulip season I've got white ones on the left side at the moment in a beautiful vase new in from H&M. I've also got a carafe there at the moment which I'm using to try and make sure I drink enough h20 while staying at home. Another recent addition is the Wayfair natural lampshade (currently sans light bulb as the fixture has broken) but it was the best value rattan-esque one I could find and I like how it ties everything together. 

My other favourite part of the room is the window seat. 
It's the ultimate sun-trap to lounge and read on in the summer and since Spring is here already it's becoming more and more in-use. There's also a ton of storage underneath which is where I keep all my skincare/make-up/beauty hoarding. I'm torn between adding a cushion the entire length across to make it more comfortable as a reading spot, but keen on leaving the wood exposed as it's such a nice colour; so meeting in the middle with some dishevelled-looking cushions and blankets.

It's right next to a little get-ready spot (cringe - sorry - I don't know what else to call it) with a full-length Wayfair mirror, and a short rail above where I hang some semi colour-coordinated clothes (mostly jackets) or anything new. I've also got a magazine rack and some pampas grass down there in my favourite tall vase which took me forever to find. There are lots of similar ones around at the moment--I love how they look when they're in the sun. 

If you have any questions, send me a message on Instagram!

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