29 Nov 2019

Cyprus in November | Almyra

'Where is hot in Europe in Winter' was probably my top google search term once the temperatures dropped this year, along with I imagine most of the UK, and it just so happened that Cyprus ticked all the boxes, promising much warmer climates than London. We stayed at the Almyra hotel, situated on the shoreline of Paphos and about 20 minutes from Paphos airport. It has a boutique vibe about it with a modern, white-wash feel, but was a lot bigger than we anticipated. There's a spa attached to the hotel which we made the most of everyday, with both an indoor and outdoor (infinity) pool that very few in the hotel seemed to know about. They were our go-to spots for basking in the sun. We also had incredible massages (first time having a massage on holiday; what have I been doing all this time...), used the sauna and gym which were also both basically empty every time we went. Given the time of year, it was relatively quiet with mostly retired couples spending weeks upon weeks there, but I'd imagine gets pretty busy peak season with families and children considering the amount of rooms the hotel has. Perhaps what it lacked in heat occasionally (hot enough to sunbathe but gets pretty chilly around 4pm onwards), the quietness of the hotel definitely added to the relaxation of it all. In fact, I think it is probably the most relaxing hotel I've ever stayed in...!

The weather was around 22-24 degrees everyday; quite a few locals remarked it was warmer than usual for this time of year and we definitely had a fair share of cloud and wind, but just the right amount to feel like your catching some rays and very, very far away from drizzly London. Perhaps what it lacked in "perfect" weather occasionally, the quietness of the hotel definitely added to the relaxation of it all. In fact, I think it is probably the most relaxing hotel I've ever stayed in. Needless to say, the food was incredible. As a self-confessed slave to halloumi, I was in my element and interspersed my Cypriot cheese fixes with veggie moussakas, zucchini croquettes and Keo, the local beer (does that count as a dish...?). Almyra has a sister hotel next door (Annabelle) and both hotel restaurants had particularly good food in comparison to what else was on offer in Paphos. Ouzeri was our favourite and one we went back to a couple of times and right on the shore. 

 Call me basic, but one of the things I was most looking forward to about this trip was getting fully absorbed in a book, with only mealtimes and light refreshments being the interruptions. Expectation by Anna Hope was my book of choice and it didn't disappoint. Covering the broad spectrum of complexities within female friendship against the close-to-home backdrop of East London, Expectation tells the story of the relationship of three women as they grow up, measured by their own expectations of what it takes to be a women in today's society. A-maz-ing. 



You can find out more about the Almyra hotel here
All photos taken by myself.


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