22 Jul 2019

Gold Accents with CLUSE.

Hot weather dressing is all the more alluring when it's teamed up with gold accents that take clothes to an outfit. It's no surprise that my magpie tendencies are much more present in the warmer weather; more skin on show means more room for wrist candymy instagram is essentially a gold chain and watch showroom right now. The newest addition to my collection is from CLUSEone of the new La Tetragone links watches (this one has a single-link strap, but the collection has three-linked and mesh straps, also!), and it's quickly become an every day wearer given the delicate nature of the design and the fact it goes with just about everything I own. Over time I've found that the simpler the watch, the more longevity it has and this one definitely fits that bracket. Pairing it with a lightweight smock dress and a pair of sunglasses is honestly my failsafe get-up right now; effortless and easy to wear, yet all the components of a thought-out look and the easiest pieces to mix-and-match. 

It seems almost unthinkable that it's technically only the beginning of summer given that we've been having hot hot days since the first May bank holiday months back. It takes a lot for me to get out of the funk of wearing jeans day-in, day-out but warm weather you can't ignore, a tan I want to make the most of and city humidity has accumulated to a change in wardrobe staples this year, admittedly for the better. Cotton dresses and midi skirts have become my favourite things to chuck on be it for work or playwho knew they were just as comfortable as denim, if not more so, and it's also been a much needed push in the direction of wearing colour again, because as cliche as it is, wearing colour really does bring up your mood. Granted, I haven't ventured miles away from neutrals, but the occasional red mini dress is what summer is all about and accessories like this make it all the more easy. When choosing jewellery, unless it's more statement pieces like rings, I opt for thinner chains and pendants so I can layer to my heart's content--there is no less is more with jewellery in my eyes! This chain bracelet duo from the Essentielle collection are beautiful individually, together or even layered with other bracelets. Likewise with the Force Tropicale pendant necklace; more statement in design being inspired by the jungle with an embossed snake on the pendant and a twisted chain, but just as delicate as the rest of the pieces and I love wearing it with a shorter chain to layer up.

La Tetragone Links watch in Gold | CLUSE.
Chain bracelet duo | CLUSE. 
Force Tropicale Pendant Necklace | CLUSE.
Dress | HM (similar here)
Sunglasses | Topshop

This post was made in collaboration with CLUSE. // All photos are my own.

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