15 Apr 2018

Upgrade Your Dry Shampoo

To me (and I'm sure for most others), Spring and Summer equates to a considerable hike in social calendar. Gone are the succession of cosy nights in, and instead come birthdays, trips away and once the sun is out, alfresco drinking in pub gardens takes priority over sitting inside at any given opportunity (it's just rude not to, right?). That said, the chance to make time to make sure my hair is in atleast a somewhat acceptable condition at all times becomes a challenge in itself. Sometimes I think I spend more time with not-so-fresh, second day (onwards) hair, than I do with freshly washed. Whether that's because my hairs getting oilier as I get older (likely), or because I'm using the wrong products to suit my hair (even more likely), it's gone through serious stages of neglect in previous years. The reality is that just tieing it back and hoping for the best isn't cutting it anymore. Dry shampoo has become the on-the-go answer to all my (first-world) hair problems, and Klorane (one of my favourite French Pharmacy brands) has just stepped up their game to tick even more boxes in helping me go worry-free when it comes to styling.

Klorane's cult Oat Milk Dry Shampoo has been a longstanding feature on my beauty shelf and the only brand I look to when I'm needing a freshen-up, hair-wise. Their latest launch is a 2.0 version of the classic; an aerosol-free version infused with all the goodness of it's predecessor. I recently went to explore more about the brand at the very cool Mandrake Hotel, to learn about the brand's history, latest launches and experience them with an effortlessly chic, French-girl blowdry. Probably not known to many, the brand started in 1971 (!) with their dry shampoo and have since gone from strength to strength in haircare innovation. French pharmacy brands are taking strides in beauty, not only being chic but also seriously efficacious in their products. It's no wonder the French have a reputation for being so beautiful.The aerosol packaging makes it a lot more travel-friendly; ideal for a flight, post-gym or pre-work drinks. 

The best thing about it, which I hadn't really thought about before now, was how eco-friendly it is to opt for a dry shampoo over a wash, once in a while. The product was conceived with a environmentally conscious foresight in mind, given that replacing one liquid shampoo per week with a dry shampoo can save 500 litres of water each year. Suddenly opting out of washing your hair before going out isn't pure laziness; it's for the environment. At the event, we also got prescribed with a bespoke haircare quota from the botanical dispensory, depending on hair concerns. Given mine has been dyed within an inch of it's life, so dry at the ends but oily at the roots, I was pointed towards a duo to address both. It doesn't just stop with hair. Klorane are soon to launch a (much-loved pump dispenser) make-up removing micellar water which I'm trying out right now. Infused with soothing cornflower, it's sensitive-skin-friendly formula is already proving to be a good one. 

You can find out more about Klorane's Aerosol-Free Dry Shampoo here




  1. Love that brands are making non-aerosol dry shampoos. Go Earth!


  2. I LOVE Klorane dry shampoo so much. It has completely changed my hair-care game. I'm still yet to try the shampoo/conditioners though! Which type do you recommend?

    Sharni | www.agirlandgrey.com


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