21 Feb 2018

Three Ways To Make You Feel Good

You can be the happy-go-lucky type and still need a pick me up from time to time. It's particularly this time of year that's got the tendency to drill in the misery with dark mornings, darker evenings and summer time feeling further away than Timbuktu to even the happiest of us; it's no secret that winter really can get you down without much difficulty. Since we can't be on a beach every other week or get the sun to come out any more than it does to bring some of the life back into our souls, finding other ways to make you feel good is essential in winter survival (although, all are applicable all-year-round). 


Get outdoors
The temptation to hibernate this time of year hits hard when, like now, the temperatures drop and the only place you want to be is under two duvets, remote (/laptop) in hand. Sometimes that's just what you need, but sometimes it's worth the struggle of getting dressed (yes) and getting out the front door, just because. Too many mornings this month I've been waking up early in the hope that some deep down motivation will surface and I'll manage the thirty steps to the gym, full in the knowledge that I'll feel better afterwards for the day. The days I do get there (not often) are considerably better days for the feel good factor.

For the times you really can't get outside, embrace it and be kind to yourself in other ways... and online shopping is usually my port of call. Every once in a while, when you're feeling indulgent, particularly frivolous or just want to treat yourself, a luxury perfume gift set can do no wrong in answering all of the above. Brands like Clive Christian, Acqua di Parma and Miller Harris do these really well and seriously are on the impressive end of luxury. Perfumes are one of the only things I'm likely to really invest in (albeit once or twice a year) and since they're something that make up part of your day-to-day identity and make you feel special; I try to take the time to choose it well (not to mention I want it to look as good on my dressing table as it smells). As sad as it is, having something like this en route to me can make a dull week that bit more exciting...

Cup of tea and a good book
Never a truer word has been said. It's not really about the book you're reading or the kind of tea you're drinking, it's the time you spend away from screens (so rich coming from me) and actually detach from technology, just for a while. I've just finished reading This Must Be The Place by Maggie O'Farrell (definitely a holiday read; my mum finished this in two days in Portugal whilst it took me two months over my commute), and I'm reading Lullaby by Leila Slimani now after hearing the author on the High-Low podcast this month, and seriously loving every word. Taking time out to read, be it before bed or on the way to work, makes such a difference to how I'm feeling day-to-day, especially those times when you feel like all you do is work, eat and sleep. 

Created in collaboration with Clive Christian.

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