24 Dec 2017

The Colour That Transcends All Seasons

Rust, tobacco, tan, brown... you name it, it's probably what I mean (even if the search tab when I'm online shopping doesn't). It's the creme de la creme of hues and it's not just one for Autumn, despite what the leaves may tell you. Trends come and go, but this shade has shape-shifted it's way through dresses to jumpers this year, and it's not one that I intend to change anytime soon . To me, it's the shade I turn to when I'm in stuck in rut of wearing black day-in, day-out (I need it for the wardrobe diversity, alone), and brings some life to monochrome-me, particularly in the winter. From coats and hats, to silk party wear that makes high-street looks expensive (I'd say swimwear too but even the thought makes me shiver in these sub-zero temperatures), it's a colour that I can't get enough; being understandably timeless and simultaneously letting me breathe a little easier knowing that I won't get sick of it half as fast as the rest of my clothes. Another important factor in it's favour, it works effortlessly with gold jewellery; particularly layered necklaces and oversized earrings. 

Most recently, I picked up this Mango silk, tie-back crop which had me like a blackbird to silver. I got lucky and picked up one of the last in stores (it's now sold out online, sorrrrry). It looks as good at the back as it does at the front, and crosses that middle point between being laid back, casual event attire to full-on black tie, it sits neatly between the two and it's subtly elegant without trying too hard. 

The high-street does this shade well, and without further ado, these are the ones that have caught my eye (and the jeans are now almost half price...!): 


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