29 Oct 2017

Everyday Make-Up Saviours

I've always been quite au natural when it comes to make-up given that I'm pretty impatient when it comes to getting ready. Quickly learning at university that fake eyelashes do not suit me, nor does heavy eyeliner or anything overpowering (thanks to those post-night-out photos of dreaded spider eyes), I've always opted for things with the less-is-more results; the no make-up make-up to play it safe. I'm no expert and always learning when it comes to beauty, and things like foundation are very subjective to the kind of results you want to achieve with your make-up, but these are some of the things that have been working for me recently. 

First things first, a primer to make sure everything does what it's told. REN's Perfect Canvas is a skincare slash make-up hybrid that works with the skin to give you the long-term benefits of an improved skin architecture, whilst being a silicone-free, hardworking primer that actually makes my make-up stay where it's supposed to be (even through a very long day). The formula is lightweight, but works to smooth over the skin and make applying make-up a lot easier, and it doubles up as a night-serum too, to lock in your moisturiser.   

Probably like most, it has taken me years to find a foundation or tinted moisturiser that I would re-purchase. Colour-matching, matte or dewy finish, thick or just barely there, there are so many boxes to tick for a good foundation to be really good, and to actually stand out from the rest. I've tried high-end, budget and most in between, and think I've finally sussed the ones that work for me. Perhaps an unexpected one, Algenist's Repairing Tint and Blur Moisturiser* is probably my favourite right now. Medium coverage, a really dewy finish and containing ingredients that work with your skin, it brightens up my complexion and corrects everything that I think needs correcting. I really can't recommend this enough for those that want a glowy finish and it makes sense to me to have a foundation - that sits on your skin all day every day, to be formulated with ingredients that help the skin at the same time. Another one I'd repurchase is The Body Shop's Fresh Nude Foundation. In comparison to Algenist, the coverage is slightly better and still has that dewy, naturally illuminated finish (and so good if you're on a budget). 

Now we're fully in the season of minimal Vitamin-D, bronzer has yet again become my new best friend in the hope of giving back my skin some vitality as it becomes duller and duller. On my way to Corfu last week, I picked up the Bobbi Brown bronzer (in the shade Medium 2) at duty free after being recommended by a lot of my friends that it's a gooden. A firmly brown, definitely-not-orange shade, it's one for all year round and buildable depending on what kind of bronzing you're after. 

Rather than a kohl pencil or using eyeshadow, I've always been one for liquid eyeliner. It's the only thing I really trust to stay in its place and last all day. Right now, I'm using Rimmel's Wonder Wing in Black to give my eye some definition, and lengthen it out with flicks at the end come the evening if I'm going out. I'm not particularly loyal to a specific brand for this, Collection's Fast Stroke Eyeliner is the cheap as chips go-to for when the budget requires (really pigmented, really affordable), and in my experience, high street options have been better than luxe. 

If I'm not going to be using eyeshadow (which is pretty likely throughout the week with minimal time not on my side), I've been using Trish McEvoy's Eye Base. It's essentially a concealer for the eyelid, and so effective in brightening the eye area. It's the kind of product that you don't think is necessary until you try it (and now I'm obsessed with it). If time permits, a weekday eye shadow I used to wear by is the shade Toast in Tanya Burr's Birthday Suit eyeshadow palette; a really lovely nude shade that I'm yet to find an equivalent that's as good for my colouring. 

One of  the things I can't stand with make-up is the ever-lurking, dark, smudgy line of unruly mascara that builds up through the day if you're not wearing the right one. Frankly, I'd rather be wearing no make-up than have that happen, so I've been using the Clinique High Impact Waterproof Mascara which gives the all-clear on that panda eyes faux pas. I'm also a longstanding fan of the Rodial Glamolash Mascara (sounds extra, but I love everything about it and it never smudged under my eyes, a really thick brush and only took one coat).

Probably my last priority before work, but if I'm going to go all out and put something on my lips, it will be a nude shade that I know won't matter if it smudges or starts to wear off. My favourite right now is Marc Jacob's New Nudes Sheer Lip Gel in the shade Moody Margot. It goes on like a dream, has a your-lips-but-better tone and is effortlessly chic. Oh, and the magnetic packaging is probably the most satisfying thing in the world. A lipstick I'd recommend for the working day to evening transition is the Bobbi Brown Crushed Lip Colour in Telluride*, a beautiful browny-red that is the epitome an autumn make-up shade.

What make-up works best for you during the week?


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