11 Apr 2017

Farm Girl Cafe


 Whether you're going for a organic and detoxifying remedy to cure the sins of the night before, or simply starting a weekend of debauchery, brunch is the constant that ties our weekends together (does anyone even go for breakfast or lunch anymore?). As it has escalated from being nothing more than an irregular meal-time to a fully-fledged social activity; brunch arguably one of the most anticipated part of our weekends nowadays, it is undoubtedly, well and truly here to stay. Brunch-spots are, inevitably, emerging on our radar from all angles, and are becoming paths more trodden than cocktail bars and nightclubs for whatever age, whatever lifestyle.  

Hidden in the heart of Portobello, one of the most Instagram-friendly and coveted examples of this is the notoriously pretty Farm Girl Cafe. An early finish on a Friday was a perfect excuse to try out this place for myself and it didn't disappoint. A menu of holistic health, colour and individuality, they succeed in giving a new take on the much-done avocado on toast and latte situation that really is wearing thin. Iconic rose-petal lattes (there's also matcha or black charcoal lattes if you're feeling brave), acai bowls and superfood additions make it very difficult to choose from the menu, and everything does taste just as good as it looks. If you follow Farm Girl on Instagram, you're more than likely going to want to schedule it into your social calendar at the next possible opportunity, if just for those photo-ops..


Can anywhere out-do this place?

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