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24 Oct 2016

Madeleine Shaw Book Signing x Origins

Kick-starting the weekend surrounded by skincare products, green smoothies and general lifestyle advice first-hand from an expert is not something you come across often (but probably should be a weekly occurrence). Tied in with the launch of her new book Ready, Steady Glow, Madeleine Shaw's new role as Origin's 'Glow Girl' saw her host an event on Saturday morning in the new Cambridge Origins store including a booking signing, wellness advice and skincare tips. For those of us who struggle with good habits day-to-day whether it be skincare, food or exercise-related, some great tips were shared and provided much-needed inspiration. The new store (complete with a marble and gold sink fit to bathe a Roman goddess) is charming and found on one of Cambridge's prettiest streets, Rose Crescent. Here are some of the photos I took during the event..

20 Oct 2016

Seasonal Skincare

One of the first things I notice as the cold sets in is the effect it has on my skin. When the cold air hits with a vengeance, chapped lips, dehydrated skin and dullness prevails come Autumn/Winter and the only way to curb it is cranking the beauty routine up a notch. Far from the back-to-basics approach in the warmer months, this time is a different ball game and demands attention from all angles. With the goal of staying fresh-faced all year long, these are the things I am relying on to see me through till Spring..


15 Oct 2016

What I Got For My Birthday | 2016

Recently turning twenty-three, no longer can I be comforted by Taylor Swift's 22 to lift the spirits of the reality that I'm no longer a carefree teen and adulthood is nigh. I feel like each year, gifts become perhaps more scarce but importantly more meaningful and this year definitely proved that notion (after years of my mum telling me that less is more, I think I finally get it now). This year, everything I received was absolutely beautiful and so me. Some of these were things I picked up using the vouchers I received from the likes of Topshop, Boots etc. (always a winning gift); mostly things I've been coveting for a while now..


6 Oct 2016


All my wardrobe hues have turned autumnal, and leopard print especially is something I want in abundance this season. Pleated skirts teamed with over-sized sweatshirts is a look I am more than ready to buy into, paired with an ankle boot, loafer or converse and some fishnet socks. In regards to beauty, YSL new launches have got me lusting after brick-red lipsticks and smoky eyes, whilst Maison Margiela Replica bottles are all I want on my dressing table right now.  These are my most coveted items this month..


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