19 Jul 2016

The Algarve's Prettiest Town | Tavira

Considered one of the Algarve's most charming towns, Tavira is one of those places you can spend hours happily wandering through the cobbled streets aimlessly with nothing in particular planned. Unsurprisingly, it echos the beauty of Lisbon in the colourful, azulejo tiled buildings and the ability to wander upon a breathtaking viewpoint at every corner, but Tavira lacks the hustle and tourism that overwhelms the capital city in the height of summer. It is a short drive from Faro and only a few minutes from the coast, and it is a perfect location for a morning spent away from the beach. 

Undoubtedly, the attraction that you can't miss is the Ponte Romana. A seven-arched bridge dated from the seventeenth century, it is beautiful to look at and if you're lucky enough to be walking over it with live music playing, very atmospheric. 

You can't go to a Portuguese town/city and not come home with your Camera Roll overloaded with pictures of the iconic Portugese tiles that decorate the streets. 

The castle ruins are also a must-see, with gardens of beautiful flowers and arches, the attraction offers some of the best views over the town. 

You also can't go to Portugal and not indulge in the customary Portugeuse custard tarts (or pastel de nata as they're known), so naturally after a few hours of exploring, we had one or two alongside an iced coffee.

Visiting on the day before a festival, the streets and plazas were decorated in colour for the festas and they did nothing but add  to the town's charm. The central Bandstand Gardens are worth wandering through and the bandstand itself is home to a lot of very cute turtles.


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