27 Jul 2016

Clutch Essentials | Summer Edit

I don't know about you, but come summer, there are way more occasions, events and parties in comparison to the rest of the year in my diary. Whether it is a birthday, wedding or fancy dinner, all these calendar dates require an outfit, and more importantly, a bag full of essentials that are going to keep you beautified all night. Here's a selection that will be making it into mine..

Dry Shampoo | Giving lifeless hair a boost halfway through the day/evening can make a huge difference

Hydrating Mist | In humid weather, a spray of this feels amazing - not only on your face, but hands and feet too

Power Bank | For self-confessed phone addicts like myself , these are a god send (when you remember to charge them before..)

Moisturizer | Freshen and revitalize your body, face, hands on the go, especially  lovely if it has a strong floral scent

Lip Balm | This is probably a given, but lip balms (especially with SPF) are essential during the hot weather and ones like this can double-up as a gloss

Pocket Mirror | A necessity for every bag, when your phone's died at the front camera is not an option for mirror-usage, a pocket mirror won't let you down.

Shadow Stick |When you don't have time for the blending eyeshadow business, for ease and lack of effort, shadow sticks are perfect for emphasizing eye colour. 

Touch Up ConcealerFor on the go, ideally you need a touch-up kind of concealer that doesn't require much faff. Concealer pens are ideal as you can apply straight from the tube as liberally as you want. 

Clutch | Something simplistic that can take you from day to night. 

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