30 Jul 2016

Bucket List | Travel

I probably have the likes of Instagram and Pinterest to blame for this, but I am forever wondering/researching/thinking about where to go next. Sometimes, a bit of daydreaming is the perfect cure when the 9-5  routine blues kick in and finding myself trawling through Skyscanner for hours on end is one of my most frequent activities. All the way from Iceland to Asia, it was very hard to narrow the list down to only six beautiful destinations..

Reykjavik - Iceland

Looking at photos of Reykavik seems almost like looking at another world. Once in a while, a beach holiday isn't on the top of my list and Iceland is the perfect alternative. It has become such a popular destination over the last few years and the spectacular views and experiences that Iceland offers leaves me wondering why haven't I been already. I'm desperate to go to the Blue Lagoon and smear a Silica mud mask all over my face, as well as exploring the hot springs, volcanoes, glaciers, infact everything that the country has to offer (which is more than I can list..!)

Venice - Italy

Probably not somewhere I'm going to go for another few years as it is on the pricier end of the spectrum in Italy, but undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. It has been described as resembling a theatrical, outdoor museum; with gondolier rides up the canal on your doorstep, colourful buildings lining the narrow, winding streets and so much historical background to learn about, who wouldn't want to spend a dreamy few days there. The fantastical and fairytale-esque atmosphere that the city exudes is calling to me -although I don't think my camera roll would be able to handle the sheer amount of photo opps! 

Stockholm - Sweden

Stockholm is such a beautiful-looking city and I think perhaps quite underrated. I haven't really explored Scandinavia at all so where better than to start with Sweden's capital, famous for it's sophisticated and up-to-date culture. It's one of those cities that is beautiful all year round regardless of the season and surrounded by water, every angle is photogenic. 

Hoi An - Vietnam

Located on Vietnam's coast, this riverside town is very high on my wishlist to visit in South East Asia. The colours of Hoi An are so vibrant and enticing, and I love the idea of spending hours cycling the town's streets, taking in the atmosphere and be immersed in a culture very different from home. I definitely think a few weeks here would be worth the long-haul flight.

Cape Town - South Africa

These pictures epitomize the natural beauty that this country offers - from desert island paradise to scenes that David Attenborough would be proud of. Hiking up Table Mountain to overlook the city of Cape Town I imagine would be more than worthwhile and be at the top of my to-do list. I worry that I'd go to South Africa and never want to come back. 

Budapest - Hungary

It is not only the beautiful, wide variety of serene spas and baths that are drawing me to Budapest, but the views, culture and ambiance are what I look for in a city break and I've been told on multiple occasions that I'd love it here. Hungary's capital city boasts two beautiful districts, Buda and Pest, to explore by day and night  separated by Danube river and connected by  breathtaking bridges. The pictures below are making the urge to book flights difficult to ignore..

Where is on your travel wishlist?


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