25 Jun 2016

Gold-Plated Goodness | Z for Accessorize

My taste in jewellery has changed a lot over the past few years. Gone are the days of garish, over the top costume jewellery that is worn one day and lost the next (albeit a statement ring or two still does tempt me now and again). Although I've never been one for expensive brands like Pandora or Tiffany. I've started to spend a little bit more on pieces that are going to last, and I am always won over by anything delicate, pretty and gold. Zara Simon's collaboration with Accessorize, Z For Accessorize, launched a few years ago now, and it is a range I always find myself going back to each season for earrings, necklaces, you name it. The collections are scattered with semi-precious stones and swarovski crystals, plated with either sterling silver or gold (which is a huge pro for me as I can't stand getting attached to a ring for it to then turn brassy within a week..). 

So, you can imagine the excitement when Accessorize have a sale on (which, by the way, are usually a goldmine of bargains; think clutches, rucksacks and purses). Typically, there's a few Z pieces scattered around the sale which get snapped up quickly, but are such a good find if you manage it. I picked up these delicate gold-plated cuff bracelets, tipped with cubic zirconia-encrusted stars and circles. They are minimal, timeless and can be layered as you wish, complimenting everything from a bikini to a ball-gown.

They're half price at the moment (such a bargain for under a tenner) and probably in most stores while the sale is still fresh.  You can buy similar here online, and check out the rest of the range.

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