27 Feb 2016

The KIEHL'S Edit

All the way through secondary school and university, my skin never bothered me too much - aside from the occasional outbreak just on the day you really didn't want it - it has been pretty good. But as I've grown into my early twenties, all the stress that comes with growing up and entering the real world has manifested in the form of blemishes and scarring that turned into an inevitable vicious cycle of unhappy skin. After realizing that the only way it was going to improve was if I started actively taking care of my skin using a staple routine of simple, reliable skincare, I decided to invest. Kiehls is undeniably a reputable and classic skincare brand that I knew if anything was going to work, this would. So, I opted for a trio of the classics; the Ultra Facial range. With no gimmicks or unattainable promises, it seemed like the safest option.

The Ultra Facial cleanser works to open your pores to nourish and clean your skin, leaving it feeling fresh and soft. It's a really gentle formula and does not require much to create a lather on your entire face. The 75ml tube is great value and will last you at least a good few months. The Ultra Facial toner is similar; it is really gentle and works to close your pores after cleansing.

Step three; the Ultra Facial moisturiser featured on my last favourites post as I have been won over by its light formula, which time and again leaves my skin feeling freshly hydrated through the day and night. I also use the Creme de Corps on my body before going out or when my skin is feeling dry. It is a lot richer and thicker than its facial counterpart and smells like holidays. It really does work wonders if your skin is dry and in dire need of hydration.

Two months in and my skin is undoubtedly clearer, less-dehydrated than it once was over Christmas and in general, in better condition. The toner in particular has made a noticable difference in tightening my pores, leaving my skin a lot more radiant than it once was. Within a few weeks I noticed a such a difference and I am no longer overly conscious of being sans make-up. I also find the cleanse-tone-moisturise routine really therapeutic, especially before bed.

Kiehls also promote the mantra of try-before-you-buy in that they are generous with their samples. I am a big fan of the Micro-Blur Skin Perfector, rivaling the Benefit Pore-fessional in my all-time favourite primers. It is worth picking up a tester as it creates an amazing silky-smooth base pre-make up. What are your favourite Kiehls products?

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