16 Oct 2015

Simple: Kind to Skin Illuminating Radiance Cream

Whether I have been in a supermarket, watching daytime TV or browsing the internet, everywhere I look lately I seem to find this product. It may have something to do with the fact that the 'radiance' and 'illumination' that the formula promises are tightly bound synonyms of this seasons buzzword glow, or it could be that this cream gives its high-end counterparts a run for their money.Who knows, but Simple's Kind to Skin Illuminating Radiance Cream is everywhere, and I have been desperate to try it out for myself. 

After sadly finding it's dedicated slot on Superdrug's shelf empty, I managed to pick it up in my local Waitrose (who knew they sold skincare?) for the bargain price of £6 (it's actually half price at £3 at the moment online). It comes in a smart little box but it's actually very decently sized at 50ml, so you really feel as though you're getting your moneys worth. It has a pump dispenser meaning it is really easy to use and measure the amount you need without wasting a lot. It definitely has an illuminating effect, creating a subtle dewy sheen to your skin. It feels moisturising which is ideal for my dry skin and the smell is fresh and unoffensive.  My only qualm is the shimmery, borderline glitteryness of the product which makes me conscious that I'm now sporting an Edward-from-Twilight visage from day to day (...it's really not that noticeable after you've applied foundation, concealer etc etc.) 

The formula is light and really easy to apply which gives a lovely smooth base to apply make-up after use. It also has SPF15 in the formula as an added bonus and it's jam-packed with vitamins, 'skin loving' ingredients and light reflecting minerals that all combine to create the radiant glow that is much desired at the moment. In the past, I have used quite a few different products as primer substitutes, and this works just as well as other things I've tried in that respect. For just over a fiver, it's worth giving a go. 


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  1. This sounds really good, I love simple :) £3 online is such a good price as well! xx
    Chasing Belle 23


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