27 Jul 2015

Travel-Size Beauty Buys

After just returning from my first proper dose of sunshine this summer in Menorca, I thought I'd share the beauty products that I took away with me. They are all under 100ml so ideal for hand luggage. 


This is my favourite shampoo and conditioner combination this summer which I have already reviewed in a previous favourites post; the John Freida Beach Blonde range. These travel-size containers are maybe not the best value, as you can get the full size product for only triple the price, but I couldn't resist bringing them away with me as they are ideal for beach holidays. The minty scent is really refreshing and unlike the fruity shampoos I usually buy, I love the smell and texture of my hair after using them. However, a downsize is it is really hard to get the product out the small tubs as soon as you have used it once or twice, so  it seems slightly wasteful once you get to the end - a squeezy tube would be much more effective. Aside from that, I love this range and I have just re-ordered the full size versions from Boots as mine have just run out. 

I have a love/hate relationship with salt sprays as they tend to make my hair much frizzier than it should be if I don't use it properly, so a travel-size version was great for trying this John Frieda one out. To my surprise, I found it was a lot less frizz-creating than I anticipated, but rather made my hair slightly wavier after I'd blow dried it. It is the most effective on my hair after washing and leaving it to dry naturally as it gives a prominent beachy effect that it promises, which is something I don't tend to do too often, but if that is your routine then this is perfect. 

Korres White Tea Gel Cleanser | Feel Unique £3.00 for 16ml

I had wanted to try the Korres White Tea Gel Cleanser for a while as most of my cleansers are lotion based and I love all things tea, so the travel-sized version was ideal in giving it a test drive before investing. I really liked the gel formula, it was moisturizing and I found a little bit was enough to cover my entire face. It is quite expensive for what it is, as there are so many other great cleansers for half the price, but I did enjoy using it and I loved the simple packaging. I think the Korres brand is great for holiday skincare - I am really keen to try the Santorini range as they scream summer holiday. 

St Ives has been my go-to brand for exfoliators for as long as I can remember - they were the first one I tried and haven't looked back since (aside from trying out other brands occasionally). They are really thorough and give great results, while being so affordable. This 30ml tube for just over a pound was great value and a must-have when you are on holiday - either before shaving your legs to remove all the dead skin cells or if you inconveniently burn and your skin starts to peel it can help smoothing that out. It smells amazing, too. 

L'Occtaine Youthful Body Velvet Balm | L'Occtaine £42 for 200ml 

The L'Occtaine products that I took away with me are slightly cheating on the travel-size theme of the post, as on the website they are only available in the full size 100ml and 200ml sizes (you can get away with the 100ml size in hand luggage). I picked up these travel-size editions with a voucher I tore out of the latest InStyle magazine which were giving away this duo (this might still be available in L'Occtaine stores as I only picked them up two weeks ago). The velvet balm is in the prettiest little pot which is reminiscent of a lip balm container. The product itself smells amazing, and the texture is really silky and so nice to apply to skin that has been slightly sun-fried in the foreign heat. I'm not sure if I would buy the full-size version as it is slightly above my price range... but it is definitely worth trying if you can pick up this for free. 

L'Occtaine Almond Supple Skin Oil | L'Occtaine £34 for 100ml 

I really enjoy using skin oils as my skin is quite dry, so I knew this would be good to take away abroad as the sun makes it even dryer. It absorbs really easily and it makes your skin feel great after using it. If it wasn't a luxury product, I'd definitely use this on a day-to-day basis as it works wonders and smells lovely. 


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  1. I really like most John Frieda products so I´m not suprised it´s a good spray. I agree, most of them don´t work very well...

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