21 Mar 2015

Makeup Revolution: Fluid Blusher and Iconic Palette 1 Review

Makeup Revolution is quickly becoming a very sought after brand, after bringing out eye-shadow palettes to rival the Naked ones by Urban Decay at a fraction of the price - a very good move on their behalf. As a lover of bargains I thought I would try out a few of their products to see if they were actually any good. I ordered both from Superdrug.

The first product I ordered was the Fluid Blusher in the shade Rush Me, as it was the peachiest tone they offer. There are five shades in total, most are very pinky apart from one tan shade. First impressions of the product were beyond expectations. It comes in a smart little box and it is packaged in a small pretty bottle, similar to the popular Daniel Sandler Watercolour blushers. It is a little smaller than I thought (14.4g) but I'm hoping it will last a long time as you only need a tiny bit when you apply. This doesn't matter too much anyway as it was only £3 (!!!!),

The box advises you to apply a drop on the back of your hand, then apply it to your cheeks and blend. Applying it this way was fine, but next time I will probably use a blending sponge as I'm not keen on blending products with my hand; it is never quite as effective. Using a liquid blusher is a bit of a first for me, but once you start blending, it turns to a powdery texture that is easy to apply. It is a lovely, subtle shade that compliments bronzer - I would definitely re-purchase this when it runs out. Overall, it's an amazing product for the price! (and it looks very pretty in my makeup bag...) 

The second thing I ordered was the Redemption Palette Iconic 1 (it is hard to not buy these palettes when they are only £4). I was interesting in buying this as I'd heard it was a close dupe to the Urban Decay Naked palette 1, so much so that the shades were even in identical order. When it arrived, I was surprised at how big the palette was, expecting a smaller one for the price, but it is full size with a decent amount of each shade (12 shades in total of 14g each). It comes with a double-ended sponge brush, but I would recommend using alternative eye-shadow brushes as I don't find these sponge brushes very easy to use. The variety of shades is really good - a mixture of shimmer and matte (mostly shimmer) - perfect for experimenting with daytime and evening looks. The best bit is how long the shadows actually stay on, they are really pigmented and long-lasting. I've started wearing the subtler shades in the day (something I wouldn't usually do), and I'm planning on conjuring up the courage to attempt a smokey-eye on a night out. I love this product and I am already thinking about buying the other ones. I would definitely recommend these palettes if you are debating over buying the Urban Decay Naked ones, as you can experiment with which colours you are suited to most before investing in them.


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